Cause for the Month - June

Mihai and Tammy Lundell will be joining us on Sunday, June 3 to recap their work in Romania and talk about their new calling with the Europe Area Ministry Team working out of Genoa, Italy.  Come to meet with them and hear about their new work.

They have been able to have an extended time in the U.S. starting in April.  They visited Tammy’s parents in their new home in Florida, and then were in the Chicago area for mission festivals at three of their supporting churches.  They  have been in Minnesota beginning in May. 

They say it was a blessed last few months in Romania as they worked to “finish well” with dear friends and colleagues.  They have shed tears and shared joyful memories.  It is often said in mission that you should always be working towards the day when you can steps back and pass responsibility on to local, indigenous leaders.  That day has arrived in Romania.  Today, Romania is one of the most evangelical countries in Europe. 

Mihai and Tammy are most excited to share their hopes and dreams for the move to Italy.  They count on our prayers to cover them in the coming months of transition.  God is at work in them and has given them a vision for life and ministry in Italy that can reach across Europe!  The needs are great, the soil is hard, but God is stirring up a great spirit of revival, especially in the new generation of believers. 









Vacation Bible School - June 25-29

Shipwrecked, Rescued by Jesus” 

Calling all Castaways!   Venture onto an uncharted island where kids survive and thrive.  Anchor kids in the truth that Jesus carries them through life’s storms. 


Cost: $25 includes T-shirt & CD of all the fun music they will learn. 

We look forward to seeing your kids this summer and hope it is one of their highlights of the summer.  Turn this section into the Main Office of CMLC/TLC with cash or check made out to TLC.  Please include first and last name of child and age or grade level entering next fall.


Child_____________________________________________Age or Grade________ T-shirt size (circle) XS   S   M   L   XL   Adult  S   M


Child_____________________________________________Age or

Grade________ T-shirt size (circle) XS   X   M   L   XL   Adult   S   M 

Last year, it was so much fun to have some of our older kids as helpers—we’d love it if some of you could help out again this summer!!










Out of regard for individuals who are sensitive (even allergic) to fragrances and scented products, the church Council has decided to try to have our church environment be as free from fragrances and scents as possible.  Products such as perfumes, cologne, body spray, hair spray, after shave and scented hand lotions can cause irritations and allergic reactions in folks who are sensitive to them.  In consideration of those who might experience reactions like rashes, headaches, chest tightness, trouble breathing and/or nausea, the Church Council would like to ask that we would please refrain from wearing fragrances or scented products in the church building, especially during worship services and church gatherings.  We don't want someone not to come to church because they would suffer healh-wise if they did.